Success!! Imperial is once more a Fairtrade University.


The ICU Fairtrade society is not just a club. We are committed to raising awareness regarding Fairtrade and its movement in Imperial College as well as to champion the cause in both local and international platforms.

To find out more on what we do, please visit the about page where you will discover what we have done to promote Fairtrade among students and staff in Imperial College.


  • Re-Elections

    Unfortunately, following the start of the year, two members of our committee have decided to step down. We have since held re-elections featuring the remaining icecream from our recent Ben & Jerrys event and have successfuly filled all comittee positions. The team is now as follows: (read more)

  • 2011-2012 ICU Fairtrade Society

    A very busy year and I hope you will all join me in thanking a very strong team. Having hosted a vast array of events, selling Fairtrade merchandise, creating custom hoodies for our supporters, holding competitions, elections and hopeful keeping you all thoroughly entertained (read more)

  • AGM 2012

    Elections were held at the end of the academic year 2012 and the following 4 positions were filled:

    Jula Humphries – Chair
    Fangjia He – Seceretary
    Aditya Narayanan – Publicity Officer
    Marc Young – Web Officer

  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2012 – Success!

    Its a little late but fairtrade fortnight 2012 is over and I need to tell you about what happened!

    so we had big plans over the 10 days, first up was the pub quiz. unfortunately due to a booking error, although we had organized to use the union, the RCSU had also organized a pub quiz for the same night. Thankfully, they were very accommodating and incorporated a Fairtrade round into their own plans to help promote Fairtrade Fortnight. Although some did not know the answers, everybody gave a good stab at it and we found some pleasantly surprising knowledge in the process. prizes were given out at the end for the Fairtrade round which consisted of a box of Fairtrade fudge, a bottle of Fairtrade wine and a Fairtrade Bannana!

    (read more)


The ICU Fairtrade society is committed to bringing the best Fairtrade experience to students by organising various events throughout the academic year.

Here are some of the latests and greatest - don't miss out! Check out the full list.

  • Free Tea & Coffee Mornings

    Just as we did last year, for one week during December, we handed out free hot chocolate, tea and coffee to all every morning. I think everyone appreciated the caffine boost to get them through those last days of term. Some asked us why we were doing so but only because we had not yet handed them our leaflet: (read more)

  • FT Soc at RAG Bake Sale

    Doing our part for charity, the Fairtrade Society grouped together to support the RAG bake sale by handing out cups of hot tea and coffee. The event was in aid of “Save the Children” and in all, ¬£??? was raised! Thanks to all those who came along to support!

  • Ben & Jerry’s all you can eat (again!)

    unfortunately we were all so busy this time, nobody remembered to snap any pictures! If you took any, please post them on our facebook wall:


  • Freshers Fair 2012

    Freshers fair this year was great thanks to all of the kind sponsorship donated by Divine, ASDA, Ubuntu and.. (I need to check the others!)

    We had a stall handing out lots of free tastes of fairtrade products and we set up a coconut shy for everyone to have a bit of Fairtrade fun!

    have a look at what we got up to here:

  • Wine and Cheese Night

    Sample the many wines and cheeses. Enter the raffle. Win the quiz. Enjoy the company!

    (read more)

  • Speakers and Discussion

    Fairtrade and the impact of ethical consumption in improving producer’s conditions.

    Snacks provided!

    (read more)

  • Body Shop Beauty Night

    Treat yourself to a wide variety of cosmetics!
    (read more)

  • Tea and Coffee Tasting

    Sit down and relax after a long week! FREE Tea, Coffee & a variety of vegan milks. Plus, Ms Cupcake ethical vegan cupcakes for sale.

    (read more)


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