Success!! Imperial is once more a Fairtrade University.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2012 – Success!

Its a little late but fairtrade fortnight 2012 is over and I need to tell you about what happened!

so we had big plans over the 10 days, first up was the pub quiz. unfortunately due to a booking error, although we had organized to use the union, the RCSU had also organized a pub quiz for the same night. Thankfully, they were very accommodating and incorporated a Fairtrade round into their own plans to help promote Fairtrade Fortnight. Although some did not know the answers, everybody gave a good stab at it and we found some pleasantly surprising knowledge in the process. prizes were given out at the end for the Fairtrade round which consisted of a box of Fairtrade fudge, a bottle of Fairtrade wine and a Fairtrade Bannana!

Unfortunatly I was on the Fairtrade stall while the Debate was being held however I hear some good points were brought up and I hope to see another in future!


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The Ben & Jerry’s all you can eat ice cream night I think was as popular as you might imagine it would be! plently of fun and plenty of icecream had by all with our Fairtrade candyfloss machine for good measure!


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Free Tea and Coffee Tasting didn’t need much effort to attract student attention! the event was co-hosted with the vegan society and we also offered free tasting of vegan milks to those who wanted a try. We also sold a few Ms Cupcake cupcakes to a lucky few who arrived early.


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The bodyshop beauty night was an interesting experiance although im not sure I was the target audience, I had fun all the same! lots of strange smells, sprays and other interesting products and the Fairtrade stories behind them.


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we had 3 guest speakers come in to our Fairtrade Speakers and Discussion event each teaching us about a different aspect of Fairtrade.Vidya Rangan from the Fairtrade Foundation spoke about Fairtrade’s projects across the world, Claire Witmore from christian aid told us about how Fairtrade changed the workplaces in the communities they had worked with, and lastly, Dr. Shakuntala Banaji gave us an interesting perspective of the buisness side of the Fairtrade branding which made us think.

The wine and cheese night was another success with merryment had by all! The quiz and wine tasting competition was definitly a highlight of the evening and the raffle completed the night with plenty of Fairtrade prizes to be had.


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The last event of the fortnight was the Lush! beauty mask making class. I was thoroughly impressed by Lush!’s representitives who were very enthusiastic and informative. they showed us many interesting products such as solid toothpaste and in the end, we all took home as Lush! goodie bag which included some of the facemask we had made.


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On-top of the above, we also sold our high quality custom ICU Fairtrade hoodies made my Epona with Fairtrade cotton and we held a Fairtrade cooking competition in felix to use as many Fairtrade ingrediants as possible. A highly successful Fairtrade Fortnight which has raised awareness across the university, I hope this can be repeated in 2013!

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